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In June 2008, in the italian cultural panorama, enters an innovative and unique Association in its kind, because it tends to divulgate two elements, Science and Science Fiction, not as distinct world but like one inspiring the other. This peculiarity allows the association to be a point of reference not only for the fans, but even for those subjects, other associations or entities, who want to embrace these arguments and treat them in a structured and professional way.

For this reason are born collaborations with other groups. The association holds cooperative agreements with other subjects in order to make both aspects more visible, to the eyes of newcomers or longtime fans. The collaborations are then a meeting place and starting point for many highly creative and interesting projects, which will see the light in the "Levantecon", the convention organized by the "Giulio Verne", or in other conferences or meetings. These projects are only the tip of the iceberg of many other ideas conceived by the Association.  

The Cultural Association "Giulio Verne", thanks to the professionality of its components, performs a long list of counseling for external subjects(magazines, TVs, conventions, scholar institutes, etc.) and it's often invited invited to conferences, libraries, scholar institutes and and tv-radio studios to introduce its own projects or as moderator in sci-fi and scientific themed meetings. An always active and moving entity capable of creating new projects, in order to convey, among fans and media, love and passion for the treated arguments.





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