Jules Verne Biography

The Cultural Association "Giulio Verne" wants to be a real aggregative center where fans of any age can meet each other and share together pleasant days, inside the events created by the Association.

The main goal is then sharing, in the most enjoyable way, their own passions, emotions and dreams. The Cultural Association "Giulio Verne" is a meeting place and point of reference for the fans of science fiction and science.

The Cultural Association "Giulio Verne" is an always active and moving entity who takes, from its goals and ideas, the will to create new and various projects, in order to convey, among fans and media, the real objective of a group like this… spreading sci-fi and scientific culture.

The Cultural Association "Giulio Verne", thanks to the professionality that always shows, was invited to conferences, libraries, scholar institutes and and tv-radio studios to introduce its own projects or as moderator in sci-fi and scientific themed meetings.

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