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The Cultural Association "Giulio Verne" born in June 2008 by the work of eight persons, united by friendship and strong passion for science and science fiction. So in the Italian cultural scene it takes place as an innovative and unique Association in its kind, because of it tends to divulgate both elements, Science and Science Fiction, treated not like two different worlds but as one inspiring the other.

Demonstrating the strict link between Science and Science Fiction, the Association takes its name by the famous French science fiction writer Jules Verne, Italianized as Giulio Verne, who was the first science fiction writer to write fantasy novels based on real scientific basis, as demonstrated by many of his inventions, later become reality. The Cultural Association "Giulio Verne" pursues ludic-divulgative purposes and its main goal is to promote science fiction identified mainly in the huge Star Trek universe. Also intends to divulgate the scientific culture, by highlighting the aspects that puts it in conjunction with science fiction. The association then means to expand the knowledge of televised, literary and artistic sci-fi culture, through contacts between people, institutions and associations.

The “Giulio Verne” propose as a point of reference and meeting place for the fans of sci-fi and science. The Association, in order to achieve its goals, intends to promote various activities, in particular: cultural activities(themed meetings, conventions and conferences), publishing activities(by publishing paper and multimedia magazines), associative activities(meetings between associates) and promotional activities(products and services for our associates).

In order to highlight the link between Science and Science Fiction, the Cultural Association "Giulio Verne" focuses the sci-fi aspect on the legendary "Star Trek" saga created by the the great Gene Roddenberry, who was able to describe an imaginative but believable future. Whilst for what regards the scientific aspect, the main themes are Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astronautics. To achieve its divulgative goals, showpiece of the Cultural Association is the "Levantecon – The Italian convention of science and science fiction" annually held in Bari, with the collaboration of the Astronomical Park "Sidereus", run by the astronomer and researcher Vito Lecci, and the Star Trek Fan Club "U.S.S. Nautilus". Respectively for the science and sci-fi aspect.

The Convention is totally free to visit and it's full of exhibitions, conferences held by illustrious guests, screenings and much more. The Cultural Association "Giulio Verne" is one of the most active association in spreading the sci-fi and scientific culture, thanks as well to its many collaborations with external subjects(magazine, tv networks, conventions, scholar institutes etc.)

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