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The Cultural Association "Giulio Verne" is an always active and moving entity who takes, from its goals and ideas, the will to create new and various projects, in order to convey, among fans and media, the real objective of a group like this… spreading sci-fi and scientific culture. The projects of the Cultural Association vary on different divulgative/levels kinds and levels highlighting the will of this group in pursuing in many ways its founding principles.

Events – LevanteCon

LevanteconThe Levantecon is the Italian Convention dedicated to Science and Science Fiction. The Levantecon's main feature is the ability to treat its two arguments, Science and Science Fiction, not like separated entities but like two complementary worlds where one becomes inspirer of the other in a neverending run seeing the ideas of today become the real projects of tomorrow. In order to reach this purpose in the best way, the Levantecon splits into two dedicated events, the "Festival dello Spazio" and the "Nauticon". Enriching the convention there are prestigious awards conferred to the best divulgators in Science and Science Fiction, an important Sci-fi Literary Contest and illustrious guests of national and international reputation. All of this in an event, entirely free to visit with free access in all activities, which sees experts and neophytes joined by the common passion for Science and Science Fiction.

Official Site: www.levantecon.it

Competitions - National Competition of science fiction literature

Concorso Nazionale di LetteraturaActive promoter of sci-fi divulgation, the Cultural Association Giulio Verne realizes the Award in order to contribute in the spreading of scientific literature and to give space to famous writers or less. From long time, sci-fi stories have made dream entire generations of readers, arriving to affect many of them, by reading the facts of their heroes, in choosing careers linked with the scientific world.

Many astronauts and scientists, for example, are huge Star Trek fans. The mythical sci-fi series created by Gene Roddenberry, which was able to capture the imagination of millions of fans throughout the world.

By the Award, the writer who will classify will be able to take advantage of a wide window, made available by the Cultural Association Giulio Verne, to spread and valorize their own stories. Every author will be able to give space to its fantasy in creating new sci-fi stories based on the most known series or entirely original. A great contest for a great theme, Science Fiction, capable of making dream writers of today and inspiring scientists of the future.

Official Site: www.levantecon.it/ConcorsoLetterario.html

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